Yuri goes elegant in concept teasers

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Yuri begins to tease for her upcoming solo debut with ‘Glassy‘. Check out the teasers below!

In her first concept teaser, we see her wearing two dresses that brings out that elegant look. In the first image, we see her wearing this beautiful white dress that brings out her beauty and pure side. The other image has her wearing a lovely blue dress that compliments her skin and beauty. She looks so amazing in these dresses.

For her second concept teaser, she goes for a different look and vibe. This one goes for that vintage look, especially with the colour choices and the overall outfit. It works nicely with her as she stares right into the camera. This look fits her and she wears the dress so stunningly. It also goes to show just how diverse she can be when it comes to different concepts.

In her third teaser, we see her in this lovely red dress with the same green curtains from the second concept teaser. She looks like a role model with the surrounding sash. The flowers also bring a nice touch to the image, showcasing her beauty and overall elegance.

Her fourth teaser brings another vibe that we can appreciate. She goes for that cool and charismatic pose while wearing a lovely light pink dress. It is a contrast and definitely brings out the best in her. It allows us to appreciate her different charms and vibes.

For her fifth teaser, she tones it down and gives us a cute concept. It is quite a chill and relaxing concept as she is seen posing up in the clouds. Her outfit is also super cute, which fits nicely into this concept that she is going for.

She has also revealed the tracklist. There is a total of three tracks, including ‘Glassy‘ and ‘Express Moon‘.

From her visual film, we get to see the concept come to life and what kind of sound we can expect from her. The song has this fun and jazzy feeling before we get that pop element coming through. It looks like we can expect a fun and uplifting song that will bring out the best in her vocals.

The highlight medley gives us a preview of the tracks in this album. ‘Glass‘ has this fun and groovy melody that we could move and enjoy. It is definitely a sound that would go well with her voice. ‘Express Moon‘ is a soothing and uplifting ballad that goes nicely with spring. She has such a clear voice that truly enters our ears easily.

In her first MV teaser, it starts off with a chill vibe before we are hit with that summer and spring vibes. It is bright and definitely gives off a punch. This definitely has us excited for what’s to come.

Her latest teaser is the second MV teaser. This MV teaser shows off the break or bridge section of the song. It is low-key, bringing a different vibe to the song. It definitely has us enjoying every moment of the song. There are many interesting and exciting sections of the song that captures our attention already!

Meanwhile, she is set to make her hot solo debut on October 7th. What do you think of the title track so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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