Yuju wants to ‘Play’ in MV teaser

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Yuju continues to tease for her upcoming solo debut. Check out her teasers below!

For her second concept teasers, she has turned and given us a more stern and serious look. She definitely knows how to pull off that charismatic look. This allows us to see that she is able to pull off any concept that is thrown her way. It is also quite different from what we typically see from her.

She has also dropped the MV teaser. In the first MV teaser, it has this traditional melody that is mixed in with the modern beats. This is definitely a song that we didn’t expect, especially when we look at her concept teasers.

She has also dropped the highlight medley, which gives fans a chance to listen to the tracks on this album. ‘Bad Blood‘ helps set the tone for this album. It definitely has this dark sound to it, which gets us super excited. ‘Play‘ has such a fun melody that goes well with her tone of voice. Her third track has a soothing melody that allows us to sway side to side. ‘The Killa‘ has a laid back melody that we didn’t expect from her. However, it fits so well with her. ‘Blue Nostalgia‘ has that ballad melody that really touches our hearts.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot debut on January 18th. Which track are you looking forward to listening to? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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