Yoonmirae is the ‘Rose’ that we all want!

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Yoonmirae makes her return with ‘Rose‘. It is a song that is produced by Rocoberry. Check out the MV below!

Even from the very beginning, you are touched by her humming. You can’t help but get chills running down your spine. It is already utterly beautiful to listen to as you sit back and enjoy the way music enters your ears. Her voice just runs so nicely with this soft piano melody. She sings each note with such softness that you can’t help but be moved to tears. It is just so gentle and full of emotions. It is a song that really brings out the best in her voice.

The video itself features snippets of a moving story. In particular, it is a tribute to a lady named Kim Bok Dong who was a Korean comfort woman for the Japanese army during the occupation of Japan in Korea. She is a human rights activist who had recently passed away. This makes listening to this song even more touching and heartwarming.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the full track above. Did you feel the emotions? Let us know in the comments below!

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