XG will be making their debut Australian appearance at SXSW Sydney

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Are you ready for one of the most explosive and fun nights you’ve had in ages?

Global Kpop superstars XG (Xtraordinary Girls) will be performing in an exclusive one-off show as part of SXSW Sydney.

The group are being presented by Billboard and American Express at THE STAGE with XG at SWSW Sydney on Friday, October 20, 2023 at Sydney’s iconic Hordern Pavilion.

The seven-members of this powerhouse group are Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Juria, Maya and Cocona. They captivated audiences around the world when they debuted in March 2022, with their genre-defying hits such as “Shooting Star”, “Left Right”, “Mascara” and, of course their latest release “Puppet Show“.

With their fresh hip-hop and R&B musical fusions, exceptional production and incredible choreography, XG will be setting THE STAGE alight at SXSW® Sydney.

XG ‘Puppet Show’

Every stage we’ve had the honour to perform on has been incredibly special and unforgettable,” said Harvey of XG. “The memories of meeting our ALPHAZ in-person and the scenery we’ve seen with our fellow members are all unforgettable. We look forward to visiting more countries and regions, sharing our music, and creating beautiful memories with everyone we meet!

Dive into the forefront of music innovation and experience the electrifying performance of the Xtraordinary Girls!

Tickets are on sale now – but they’re disappearing fast. Head to Ticketek here to secure your ticket!

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