Woohyun drops his ‘With’ tracklist

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Woohyun continues to reveal the teasers of his upcoming solo return with ‘With‘. Check it out below!

In the concept trailer, we get this beautiful guitar melody that is further enhanced by the brass and the beat. We can’t help but groove along to this type of melody. The video itself features behind the scene footage of him posing for each concept shown so far. He surely knows how to nail the look and look super cool.

From the tracklist, there is a total of six tracks including ‘With‘, ‘Lonely Night‘, ‘Alone‘, ‘Calm And Passion‘, ‘My Diary‘ and ‘A Song For You‘.

The album preview gives us a chance to listen to the tracks on this album. ‘With‘ has that beautiful guitar melody that we heard in his concept trailer. ‘Calm And Passion‘ has this emotional side that goes so nicely with his vocals. We can’t help but be drawn to its sound. ‘Lonely Night‘ has that upbeat guitar vibe that has us bopping our heads along to the brightness of the song. ‘My Diary‘ slows it down, giving us a sweet and soft vibe to listen to. ‘Alone‘ has that sexy vibe that we could all groove along to. He definitely showcases how he is able to nail all types of concepts. Finally, ‘A Song For You‘ is that uplifting song that would lift the mood of the room.

He has also dropped the MV teaser. In this short video, we get to hear another section of the song. It has this gradual build-up that goes nicely with the video, especially when it shows him in different scenery. Then, we are hit with his beautiful vocals that just shine on top of this intense melody.

Meanwhile, he will make his hot return on October 19th. Which track caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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