Woo Wonjae is on ‘A Fence’ for new MV

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Woo Wonjae has dropped his new MV! It is for his latest track, ‘A Fence‘. So, check it out below!

He has gone for a simple music video since it focuses on one scene and it slowly zooms out before it stops. Also, Gray‘s signature sound is heard, indicating that Gray had produced this track. Even though Wonjae has a monotone voice, he makes it quite interesting to listen to by the way he rides the beats. He makes it quite interesting to listen and it doesn’t get boring to listen to him rap. The music itself uses some unique sounds like a random saxophone sounds with a mix of piano melody. The consistent clicks to guide the melody makes the song that more attractive to listen to. Overall, it is a different vibe to what Wonjae usually bring out. However, because of that, it shows his variety in music and it is nice to see him do something other than dark style.

So, be sure to show your support by checking out the music video above. Did you like its funky vibes? Let us know in the comments below!

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