Wonho is not going to ‘Lose’ to anyone with new release

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Wonho recently released his second album ‘Love Synonum #2: Right For Us‘ along with the title track ‘Lose‘.

In his follow-up to 2020’s ‘Open Mind‘, Wonho has given us a track that flourishes around low tempo beats, Eighties funky synth and a powerful bassline. His vocals dominate the track and never get lost in the music, from his deep, soothing vocal to the falsetto on display during the chorus, the transition is seamless. This song is oozing with sensuality and emotion.

The music video begins with Wonho seated in a recording room with his back facing the camera. Right before the track starts, we see him rewinding a set of reels. He seems to be replaying moments from a past relationship and questioning what went wrong. The scenes then switch between slick sequences of choreography (which we’ve come to expect from him) and clips of Wonho confronting his love interest.


What do you think of Wonho‘s new track ‘Lose‘? Which song do you prefer this one or ‘Open Mind‘? Or do you love both of them like us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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