WJSN to release a song through Universe Music

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WJSN is the next artist to release a track through Universe Music. Check out the teasers below!

The first image teaser reveals the song’s name, which is ‘Let Me In‘. Their overall concept is quite colourful yet vintage. They surely look like they are detectives who are able to investigate something. It is definitely a look that goes well with each member.

For their concept teaser, we see them wearing the same outfit but at a different setup. It looks like they are going to a meeting where there are microphones and telephones set up. However, they do manage to keep their stern and serious side throughout the image, enhancing this look they are going for.

They have released the first concept teaser. In this short teaser, we get this funky and upbeat melody that we all would groove along. The use of brass surely helps enhance this retro and vintage look they are going for.

In their ‘Runway‘ teaser, it features the song, which is quite magical and mystic. We also get the members doing their red carpet walk, looking quite alluring and beautiful for the camera.

The latest teaser is their ‘Blooming‘ teaser. This teaser gives us a preview of the dance choreography. We also get to hear more of the track. It is quite uplifting and fun to listen to. The dance choreography is also made to fit that summer vibe. We also get to see more of the setting. This time, it is out at the beach. They are seen enjoying each other’s company, which is fitting to the vibe of the song.

Meanwhile, they will make drop this track on September 23rd. Are you excited for their return? Let us know in the comments below!

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