WJSN continues to have us mesmerised in latest ‘For The Summer’ teaser

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As many knows, whenever WJSN makes a return, one of the teasers they will reveal is called a secret film. In these videos, we get some kind of narration or aesthetics that will surely capture your attention. So, check it out below!

Like people have predicted, this secret film has left has mesmerised. It is the essence of summer with a song that one would want to listen to while relaxing. It has such a beautiful acoustic guitar melody that truly brings chills down your spine. It also goes nicely with the English narration. It is surely a work of art, making us even more excited for their return.

Meanwhile, WJSN will make their hot return on June 4th. Did you like the vibe they are going for? Let us know in the comments bleow !

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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