WINNER presents us with distinct visuals in latest ‘MILLIONS’ teasers

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WINNER has presented to us a set of individual teasers, as well as the album packaging details. So, check it out below!





So, each member has their own way of posing for the camera. Even the colour scheme is different among the members. In particular, member Jinwoo is drenched in the colour pink yet still is able to look as gorgeous as ever. His intense stares will surely melt your heart. Mino continues to embrace his uniqueness while giving fans a yellow look. He definitely looks amazing in any pose. While, the final two members, Seungyoon and Seunghoon, are just too beautiful to talk about. They have their own style that really goes well with the other members yet still is able to stand out from the rest. They surely have fans more excited than ever.

Furthermore, they have also revealed the MV teaser. Through this teaser, we get a sneak peek into not only the track but also the set and the dance choreography. YG surely knows how to spoil the fans and getting them more hyped than ever.

They have also revealed the album packaging details. Each album will come with a photobook, lyrics postcard, a random photocard, a CD and a double sided poster.

WINNER will also hold their ‘MILLIONS’ countdown on V Live at 5pm December 19th KST! They will also make their hot return on December 19th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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