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Winner fans known as inner circle have been waiting for their comeback for a while now and on May 3rd, YG official twitter announced a teaser for Winner‘s imminent comeback showing 15.05.2019 as the teased date. As you can see below, Twitter fans everywhere retweeted and rejoiced at this announcement with the original post getting 16,202 retweets & 33,522 likes! here was our fave retweet below.

This release also showed a special concept launched on the official Winner Instagram where each concept image had a meaning, here’s a few of them below:

The images above reflect different aspects of the concept “It points to the idea of wholeness“. Talk about mysterious indeed and their following images also reflect a different concept. We have to wonder if they are representing different titles in the release or lyrics from a single (or both?). Either way, we cannot WAIT to see what Winner have in store for us soon.

And just when you thought that was all, while writing this article, the official Winner instagram dropped a new group image teaser for us (it’s like they knew heehee!). See it below fresh off the press!

How gorgeous are they?! We cannot WAIT for this release, they have us all wanting more already. And don’t worry, when the teaser MV comes out we will be back with more information so watch this space!

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