Why you should join the cool crowd and get into K-dramas!

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I should begin by letting you know that I am a mature, Caucasian woman from Australia who works in management.  I am not Korean and I am probably the last person that I would have thought would become addicted to anything, let alone Korean dramas, but….I have been!

With the current tidal wave of popularity of Korean pop (Kpop) sweeping the world, many people are discovering Korean drama (K-drama) at the same time.  It may surprise you to discover just how popular Korean dramas are outside of Korea.

Heart-pounding love scenes, adorable actors, runway ready fashion, edge of your seat action scenes, tear-jerking conflict, food that will leave you craving take away, music that will be stuck in your head for days, and hilarious moments that will leave you crying tears of laughter.

The Korean entertainment industry is exploding in every direction and the impact is spreading to the English-speaking world – including Australia.  Korean dramas are hot property on streaming sites like YouTube, Viki and Netflix.


Lee Byung-Hun recently made his return to K-drama with ‘Mr Sunshine’

Here are some of the reasons why people become fans of K-drama:

Eye Candy


Lee Minho is one of Korea’s (and the world’s) favourite drama actors

The stars of Korean dramas are attractive – very attractive. There are lots of shirt-optional scenes for the guys (G-rated of course) and princess for a day makeovers to be found in Korean shows.

The Music

K-drama OSTs are becoming as popular as K-pop itself right now – and it’s not hard to understand why.  There are catchy beats, fun lyrics and beautiful soothing melodies that will be stuck in your head for days.  There is a growing list of OSTs that are being sung entirely in English for K-dramas now.  One of our enduring favourite tracks from a drama has to be ‘Beautiful‘ sung by Crush for the drama ‘Goblin‘.

It’s not just the OSTs that feature K-pop singers, the K-dramas themselves feature plenty of current and all-time favourite K-pop tunes as well.

The Fashion


The fashion in K-dramas is fabulous and sometimes quirky

The clothing in K-dramas has definite trend appeal. Many outfits are straight off the European runways.  Drama stars dress the way most of us would in our daydreams, and let’s face it the actors and actresses in the dramas make the perfect models.

Fabulous Food


The food in K-dramas is always plentiful and delicious looking.

It’s hard to make it through an episode and not get cravings for noodles (of any kind). Nearly every episode features delicious-looking dishes like BBQ pork belly, steaming bowls of ramen and hearty soups.  Your ability to use chopsticks will improve while watching dramas as well as you’re bound to have chopstick envy as well.

Cultural appeal


Korean dramas provide endless opportunity for us to lean all about the Korean culture.

K-dramas are educational (really!). Watching foreign dramas lets you absorb information about a different culture without the hassle of endless study. Watch even one Korean drama and you will understand that shoes are taken off at the door without anyone needing to tell you.

Language Skills


Want to learn Korean, watch a K-drama

By the time you become a K-drama veteran, the drama marathons you have finished will have improved your Korean language skills. You will know several key Korean words and phrases. You will be able to say “sorry” and “thanks” with ease and most importantly, you will be able to confess your love to your dearest Oppa. And, you will also know the difference between Oppa and Hyung!

Fresh factor


‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ was a fresh take on the boy meets girl scenario

Many people watch Korean dramas just because they are different from the usual programming they are used to. It’s not the same old stale, predictable plots that have been recycled for seasons. The plots, the characters, and even the settings in K-dramas feel new and different and, therefore, more exciting.



There are so many K-dramas to choose from – you’re sure to find one you love!

There is a drama to suit every taste. Light romantic comedies are very popular. You will also find heartbreaking melodramas, serious action, historical pieces, science fiction and everything in between.



Lee Jong Suk has starred in many dramas that have between 16 and 20 episodes

A typical Korean drama is 16-20 episodes and usually when it is done, it’s done. The length is perfect to tell a whole, connected story that has a strong buildup and conclusion. There is always a definitive end so the plot doesn’t become about filling time to last for multiple seasons.

Character Connections


‘Goblin’ featured characters that were connected to each other in the past, present and future.

Korean dramas successfully create emotional connections with viewers. Characters fight their way through countless trials and tribulations in such a way that the audience relates to the characters and develop an emotional connection to them.


The popularity of K-dramas can’t be tied down to one factor alone, it’s a combination of the above factors (and many others) that have come together in perfect synchronicity to create an entertainment category that has the potential to become a juggernaut world-wide.

So why not get on board and dive into the world of K-Drama yourself.  You won’t regret it!


Written and edited by Narelle

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