Who’s ready for a DAY6 comeback?

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DAY6 have started dropping the first teasers for their latest comeback. The new release will be called ‘The Book of Us: Entropy‘ and is scheduled for release on October 22.

In the latest teaser to be released, the group have dropped the track listing for their new album. The members were involved in composing and writing the songs on the album. It appears as though the title track will be ‘Sweet Chaos‘, with other tracks ‘Deep in love‘, ‘EMERGENCY‘ and ‘Rescue Me‘.

DAY6 ‘Entropy’ track list

The first trailer released was a clip that features a silhouetted figure holding a beating heart and internally grappling with concepts and emotions such as; me, another me, something, heart, world, my soul, everything and life.

Then a flame blazes through the heart and with concepts like heat, love and energy appearing through the flames. These concepts lead to sweet chaos before the heart morphs into a figure in a fetal position and then two hands holding an array of flowers, the caption reads, ‘I’m losing control… But I like it‘.

DAY6 ‘The Book of Us: Entropy’ trailer

DAY6 will be making their comeback with the release of ‘The Book of Us: Entropy‘ on October 22 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of the trailer and track listing for DAY6 ‘The Book of Us: Entropy‘? Are you looking forward to new music from them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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