Wheein ‘Makes Me Happy’ with her MV teaser

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Wheein has dropped her final teasers ahead of her upcoming return. Check it all out below!

She has revealed the highlight medley, which gives you a preview of the tracks on this upcoming album. The title track has such a soothing melody that goes so nicely with her vocals. The clicks are a great addition to the track before we get that soothing chorus. It surely has us excited for the full release. ‘Pink Cloud‘ is such a soft song to listen to, which is fitting to the name of this track. It definitely feels like we are on the clouds while listening to this song. ‘Letter Filled With Light‘ is that inspiring song that really lifts up the vibe of the room. ‘Deserve‘ slows it down, allowing us to appreciate her vocals on top of these stunning beats. ‘Paraglide‘ has hat R&B vibe that brings out the best in her vocals. It also has such a beautiful melody that leaves us with chills.

In her first MV teaser, we get this stunning shot of her wearing this beautiful pink dress that contrasts nicely with the overall blue lit room. Her make up is also so beautiful, allowing her to bring forth her charisma. The song itself begins off quite laid back before we get the clicks that help build the song. The video ends with her stunning voice that resonates with us all.

In her second MV teaser, we get to hear more of the chorus. It is such a vibe that really gets us moving along to it. She also definitely shines and it shows just how comfortable she is on camera. We can’t help but smile throughout this video.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on January 16th. Which track caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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