What K-POP lovers can do to help Australia’s bushfire crisis

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As many knows, Australia is in crisis due to the catastrophic megafires that engulf most of our land. Thus, group of admins from different K-pop fandoms in Australia have come together to do what we can to raise funds and gather donations.

We would like to donate to the Australian bush fire emergency crisis. Our country needs our help. As its’ citizens, let’s give back to our community as much as we are able to. Our K-pop idols are generous and kind-hearted, so let’s all follow their example and pay it forward!

What can K-POP Lovers do to help? Well, we urge the Australian K-pop community to join together, unite and donate to our joint PayPal pool. We will keep all transactions transparent and will do an update account after this is done. We will also have an honour roll of all donors – your name will be listed with the amount donated. If you do not wish to be named – please let us know via email.

So, click here to donate and help Australia. For more information, you can head here! If you need clarification or have any questions, you can email

Thank you for your support during this time of need. 

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