We’re going ‘Six Feet Under’ in Mori Calliope’s new MV

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Mori Calliope is one of HoloEN‘s famous VTubers and it is no secret they love to sing and get spooky with their fans. They have recently released their very own track called ‘Six Feet Under’, lets check it out.

【MV】six feet under / Mori Calliope (produced by TK)

This MV is really unique in it’s style and visual representation. Mori Calliope definitely has a preference towards the more macabe and spooky side of things so this MV really does reflect that side of Mori. It has a very distinct art style lending itself to more of an Anime style MV.

The vocals and backing track hit hard with a more metal and almost a visual Kei style. Just when you thought it would get a little peppy, Mori sets the tone with their rap style mixed with their backing atmospheric vocals. Mori does have a very strong vocal range and it’s fun being able to watch them grow from a VTuber to now a solo vocalist.

‘Six Feet Under’ has been released ahead of Mori’s 4th EP titled ‘JIGOKU 6‘ which is due to be released on the 18th of August. We cannot wait to see what the EP holds if this MV is any indication, it will definitely be interesting and different.

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