Weki Meki enjoys themselves in ‘Get Ready Weki Meki’ teasers

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Weki Meki continues to tease for their upcoming ready with ‘Lock End LOL‘. This time, they have revealed two teasers called ‘Get Ready Weki Meki‘. They have revealed two versions which corresponds to the concept they have gone for: ‘Lock‘ and ‘LOL‘ versions. So, check it out below!

In this video, we see the members introducing this upcoming comeback, as well as getting fans excited for their return. As many knows, this video features the Meki members, which is the four shortest member of the group. The video also consist of them doing makeup for one member while explaining what is needed to make her cute!

For those who are watching the ‘LOL‘ version, it features the Weki members, which is the taller four in the group. The first section is explaining about this album before they do the same thing as the ‘Lock‘ version in that they are seen doing make up for one of the members.

Meanwhile, Weki Meki is set to make their hot return on May 14th. What did you think of these teasers? It is definitely a unique way in teasing for their return!

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