We told you, KARD are the BOMB in ‘Bomb Bomb’ MV

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KARD released their digital single ‘Bomb Bomb‘ on March 27, and it has been burning up the charts around the world ever since.

The concept for this comeback is dramatic, sexy and much fiercer than anything that we have seen from the group before. Anticipation was high for this release, and we’re happy to say the group lived up to the expectation.

Bomb Bomb‘ is a thumping dance track that delves into the realm of moombahton beats while still holding true to their tried and tested favourite tropical house vibe. It’s a song that features loud and blustering rap verses from J.Seph and B.M and calming vocals from Jiwoo and Somin.

The lyrics which were partly written by BM invite the listener to party all night with the group.

KARD ‘Bomb Bomb’ MV

Just hours ago, KARD dropped the performance video for ‘Bomb Bomb‘. This clip features the members performing the fierce choreography for the track with intense focus in the same set as the MV was filmed.

KARD ‘Bomb Bomb’ performance video

What do you think of the MV for ‘Bomb Bomb’? What do you think of the song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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