WayV’s ‘Bad Alive’ English version is anything but bad

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Okay, so you all know already that I have a ‘thing’ for TEN, but the other members of WayV also get to shine in the English version of ‘Bad Alive‘.

As the C-pop representative of NCT, WayV holds up the banner proudly with their own unique brash and bombastic style.

The song itself has a pounding trap beat that is infused with elements of RnB and hip-hop. The mesmerising vocals from Xiaojun are a highlight of the track, but every member plays a part in making this song a complete package.

Then, we have the MV – I’d like to thank WayV‘s stylist for always making sure that TEN does not wear a shirt. The choreography is next level and the mood of the clip perfectly matches the tone of the track.

WayV ‘Bad Alive’ (English Ver)

What do you think of WayV’s ‘Bad Alive’? Do you like the MV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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