WayV love the way you ‘Love Talk’

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Okay, so fair warning – I am completely obsessed with WayV‘s first English song ‘Love Talk‘. This will be a completely biased opinion – you have been warned!

Love Talk‘ is the English version of a Chinese song that is included on their latest album ‘Take Over the Moon‘, and was released just a week after their title track ‘Moonwalk’ was dropped.

The track sees the members singing and rapping over a seductively slinky instrumental that has R&B undertones combined with percussion elements that have a distinctly Latin pop feeling.

My favourite line from any song all year has to be, ‘Touch me, tease me, feel me up‘!

The accompanying MV fits perfectly with the concept of the song, with all members being seductively charismatic and charming. BUT, TEN owns this song and the clip! (You can argue with me, but I will not be swayed in my opinion.) He stares the camera down and you would believe he is singing straight to you and then he pulls out the slinky feline choreography, and we are DONE!

WayV ‘Love Talk’

What do you think of WayV‘s English version of ‘Love Talk‘? Are you as obsessed with it as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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