WayV ‘Awaken The World’ with new concept teasers

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Yes, that is right! It looks like WayV is preparing for their hot return. They have released many stunning teasers. Check them all out below!


For this comeback, they have made it quite interactive for the fans. In particular, they have prepared a mini game on mobile to get fans excited for this comeback. Through this game, it allows fans to find clues and rescue them. If fans are able to solve it, there will be bonus images!


They have released the first group teaser. It is in black and white. They definitely look quite stern yet charismatic for the image. With the signs of their names hung around the neck, it makes them look like criminals of some sort, giving it that bad boy image.


Next up is the mug video teaser. Continuing with their group teaser concept, we hear this intense track that goes well with the overall vibe. With the way the videos are taken, it is definitely a charismatic mug shot of each member.


Ten is the first member to drop his individual teasers. In the video teaser, we see him walking past other members who are locked up. He has this eerie vibe to the way he is acting. It definitely has us feeling the chills. For this concept teasers, he looks incredible in the different outfits. He knows how to capture us with his looks. No matter what angle the image is taken from, he continues to look so captivating.


Kun is up next with his image teasers. With his image teaser, it has the word “1011“. This may allude to the cell number he is in. In his video teaser, we see him locked up in the white room which is all ripped up. He is also surrounded by glass which he has broken up.

It is definitely an intense scene. The glass shards are seen floating, which may be implying that he has psychokinesis. Meanwhile, from his image teasers, he definitely goes well with the blue hair. This kind of concept really allows him to shine and showcase the best of him.

They will make their hot reurn on June 9th. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

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