WayV are anything but ‘Regular’ in MV release

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WayV has made their official debut with the release of ‘The Vision‘ and the music video for the Chinese version of ‘Regular‘.

As we’ve previously reported, ‘The Vision’ contains three tracks including the newly released title track ‘Regular‘, a Chinese version of NCT127‘s recent release, ‘Nightmare (Come Back)’ and ‘Dream Launch Plan‘.

WayV‘s version of ‘Regular‘ is as intense and mesmerising as the NCT127 version.

The full music video features an intense, futuristic theme which matches with the concept and the intensity of the song. The members eventually make their way to a dynamic center stage where they show off the amazing and next level choreography.  

WayV ‘Regular’

Prior to the release of the full music video, WayV released the final individual teaser images for Hendery, Xiaojun, Yangyang, Ten and Kun, as well as a new group image.

The full set of teaser shots are stunning and continue on the theme that we have seen in all the teasers.


WayV Hendery

WayV YangYang

WayV Xiaojun


WayV Kun

What do you think of WayV‘s version of ‘Regular‘? Do you think it stands up to the NCT127 Korean and English versions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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