Want to celebrate BTS J-Hope and Suga’s birthdays

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If you’re in or around Brisbane for BTS members J-Hope and Suga‘s birthdays, why not head on over to Sope World – a joint birthday project for both members being hosted at the ChanGe Cafe in the Myer Centre, Brisbane.

J-Hope‘s birthday is 18th February and Hoseok Day, the @HappyJhopeDay event will be held on Saturday, 16 and Sunday 17, February.

Suga‘s birthday is 9th March and Yoongi Day, the #HappySugaDay event will be held on Saturday, 9 and Sunday 10 March.

SOPE WORLD in Brisbane

There’s lots of fun to be had and exciting giveaways on offer during the event.

There are cute HWAGAE MARKET x SOPE WORLD photocards to be collected with every coffee print purchase (and the coffee prints are so adorable)!

There’s also a Hoseok or Yoongi postcard gift set when you purchase a coffee print (on their birthday weekend).

You might even be the lucky winner of the lucky draw for a Hoseok or Yoongi A3 foam board poster (on their birthday weekend).

Check out the details of SOPE WORLD

SOPE WORLD will be held at ChanGe Cafe, Level E, Myer Centre, Brisbane.

SOPE WORLD, the birthday support projects for J-Hope and Suga have been co-ordinated by Go With Yeontan, a Brisbane based Army.

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