VOISPER and APRIL’s Chaekyung showcases a new cute song, ‘Lovesome’

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VOISPER and APRIL‘s Chaekyung has come together for the track, ‘Lovesome‘. Check it out below!

The video has gone for a simple recording as it films the members filming in the recording studio. Because of that, it allows us to focus on the beauty of this. Something about it is quite cute to listen to. It is also a great blending of voices as we have high and low voices.

Since they all have such beautiful tone of voices, when they harmonise together you can’t help but get chills from it. It is such a beautiful song and it is clear how wonderful their voices go together. It gives it that sweet touch, making this song as beautiful as it can be!

So, be sure to check out this cute song above. Did you like how it made you feel Let us know in the comments below!

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