VIXX’s Ravi rocks up in ‘Tuxedo’ for latest comeback MV

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VIXX‘s Ravi has returned with a new solo album, ‘R.ook Book‘. Within this album, we get the title track, ‘Tuxedo‘. So, check out its music video below!

For the times we have seen Ravi made his solo return, we have been getting these hard-hitting beats that go well with this deep voice. However, for this return, we get to see a more soothing side to him which is a nice change to what we have been seeing from him. Going on with the theme of ‘Tuxedo‘, we get the whole glamour of a party with great transitions from one scene to another. This kind of video surely won’t bore you since there is a lot of things going on throughout it.

The track itself is just so beautiful to listen to. He surely catches fans off caught with this much slower pace song with a smooth melody. Even though his voice are at times quite auto tune, it goes nicely with the vibe and melody of the song. He just has a voice that captivates as much as his dance moves. The moves are the kind that appear easy to do, especially looks cool when it is done in a huge crowd. He definitely makes it fun to watch.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the full track above. Did you enjoy this change? Let us know in the comments below!

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