VIXX’s Leo will be enlisting next month

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Yes, that is right! After recently releasing his digital single, ‘All Of Me‘, VIXX‘s Leo has announced other news. Check out the statement below!

The statement says: “Hello Starlight. I am writing about something you all have been curious about. As you know, I was born in 1990. This means I will be enlisting in the military on December 2nd. I will not be enlisting as an active duty soldier but as a public service worker. I’m also going to address something that fans already know. Since November 2013, I have suffered from severe panic disorder and depression. I have been taking medicine regularly and receiving treatment to ensure it doesn’t worsen. For a long time, I have always wanted to show a healthy side of myself when I enlist. My heart is heavy since I was not able to do so. I want to say sorry to those who are worried about me because of my health and also to those who are disappointed in me. I am well aware that my fans have been worried and anxious about me without telling me directly. The reason I have been able to walk in a straight path for the past seven years as VIXX was because of Starlight. Because you are here, I am also here. I will never forget this gratitude I feel towards you. I will do my best to become a Jung Taekwoon that can comfort you with music and become your muse. I have received so much from everyone that I feel sorry instead of grateful. But I will work hard to complete my military service, become healthy and repay. I bow my head in gratitude to those who love me more than I love myself, who support me and are the source of my strength. To the Starlights who have always been the centre of our gravity, I am sorry for worrying you. I love you. I, Taekwoon, am entrusting my younger VIXX members to you now. From Taekwoon. I will do better so that I can keep going for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Leo will be enlisting on December 2nd and will be the second member of VIXX to enlist.

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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