VICTON goes black and white for ‘nostalgia’ teasers

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VICTON has begun dropping their concept teasers for ‘nostalgia‘. Check it out below!

For their ‘nostos‘ teaser, they are seen embracing the Autumn vibes with such warm outfits and a warm colour scheme. They definitely look great against the white wall with the light shining on just them. Their individual teasers that accompany this concept is one which features them wearing the same outfit. However, this time, they are under a different light. Many of the members are seen standing under red lighting, enhancing this charismatic look they are going for. While the rest stands where a lovely moon is in view. It is such a beautiful sight.

Their ‘algos‘ concept teasers have them going for that black and white vibe. Because of this setting, their group teaser has them look much sleeker. They definitely know how to look so serious and beautiful under the light. Even though it is in black and white, their looks are definitely enhanced, making fans swooning over their great looks.

Meanwhile, the group will make their hot return on November 4th. What do you think of the concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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