VICTON are going to have a ‘nostalgic night’ in comeback MV

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VICTON have made their comeback with the release of their fifth mini-album ‘nostalgia‘ and the title track ‘nostalgic night‘.

This release is the group’s first in almost 18months – and we’ve been oh so patiently waiting – NOT!

It is their first comeback as a six-member unit after Seungwoo won a place in Produce X 101‘s project group X1.

Nostalgic Night‘ was composed by BEOMxNANG and VICTON member Chan, with lyrics by BEOMxNANG and member Hanse.

nostalgic night‘ has a slightly dark and moodily atmospheric vibe, it has a similar feel to their earlier release ‘Time of Sorrow’. The song has a powerful melody and that combines with the pounding beat which perfectly matches the beautifully compelling MV.

The music video sees the members take on a more sensual, sophisticated concept than we have seen from them previously. It seems to mark a coming of age for the group completing the transformation from youthful boy group to mature and masculine men.

VICTON ‘nostalgic night’ MV

What do you think of VICTON‘s ‘nostaglic night‘ MV? Are you a fan of this concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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