VERIVERY is having a ‘VERI-CHILL’ day in their latest teasers

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VERIVERY has been releasing all kind of teasers for their upcoming return with their first single, ‘VERI-CHILL‘. Check it all out below!

To begin the excitement, they began with the “Coming Soon” teaser. The members are dressed in red with shades of black and white engulfing the clip. The sound effects are quite interesting. There are these weird synths matched up with a soothing melody. It is quite relaxing and beautiful to listen to.









Each member gets their own set of ‘Chill‘ and ‘Chill Out‘ teasers. In their ‘Chill‘ teasers, we have this bright shimmer light on the members, which brings out their charismatic side. The red coloured outfits really go well with the black background. Whereas for their ‘Chill Out‘ teasers, they have this light summer look that goes well with their soft effect. They look great in both of the concepts!

This single will have a total of two versions: Official and DIY by VERIVERY version. Both versions come with the CD, either a wanted paper and clear photo card or a New York postcard, a photo card and a poster.

There is also a Kihno version, which comes with the air-Kit, a photo card set and a postcard set.

Since it is only a single, it comes with three tracks including the title track, ‘Tag Tag Tag‘, ‘Can’t Help But Be Blinded‘ and ‘Thank You, Next?‘.

Meanwhile, it also appears that they have revealed the lyrics for their title track. So far, they have revealed two of these teasers. One of them has Dongheon looking around while the other had Hoyoung moving around!

The group itself will make their return on July 31st. Are you enjoying the teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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