VAV’s ACE to enlist next month

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Yes, that is right! VAV‘s ACE will be enlisting next month. Check out the details below!

He has announced that he will be enlisting in a letter. In the letter, he asks if the fans are well and hope the fans are taking good care of their health. He had decided to enlist and had a lot of worries about writing his letter. However, he rather this letter came across bright rather than sad. So, he thanked the fans for a lot of unforgettable memories. He was someone who lacked a lot but was happy due to the fan’s love and support. He said that he will always be together with the fans. He will be back soon and will showcase more of his cool side. So, he asks fans to wait a bit. He will come back more cheerfully.

He will enlist on May 10th. We wish him all the best and we hope for his return soon.

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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