TXT will be coming back with ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’

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Since the announcement of their comeback TXT have been dropping all sorts of cute and mysterious teasers.

The group will be making their comeback with ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ and the title track ‘Can’t You See Me‘ on May 18.

In the latest set of teasers to be released, we’ve seen individual teaser videos for each member with the title track ‘Can’t You See Me‘.

In each of the clips, the members appear to be splattered with blood and their mood is very downcast. We hear an appeal to ‘Save Me’ in each clip.

TXT ‘Can’t You See Me’ teasers

The track listing for ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY‘ revealed that the album will have a total of six songs including the title track ‘Can’t You See Me’.

TXT ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ track listing

The second set of concept images the ‘Starboard’ version, which featured a night time feel. Again, these images were shared as if from the members social media postings.

TXT ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ ‘Starboard’ concept

The first set of concept images for the group were the ‘Port’ concept. The images were shared as though they were from the members’ social media pages. The images were light and bright, but somewhat moody in feel.

TXT ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ ‘Port’ concept

The first concept image that was released for the comeback was a framed and somewhat well-loved teddy bear. However, the accompanying caption said, “Ceci n’est pas un nounours“, which translates from French as, “This is not a teddy bear.”.

TXT ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ concept image

After all the rumours of a TXT comeback, Big Hit Entertainment released a short teaser and then a concept trailer to announce their comeback with ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY‘.

TXT ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ Concept Trailer

TXT ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’

TXT will be releasing their comeback album ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY‘ and the title track ‘Can’t You See Me‘ on May 18 at 6pm KST.

Are you looking forward to TXT‘s new album release? What do you think of the teasers so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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