TWICE wants ‘More & More’ in comeback MV

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TWICE is back with ‘More & More‘. Check out the MV below!

They definitely have killed it with this concept. From the beginning, we get an intro of the song and concept. It looks like they are in some kind of paradise area where they all look so stunning in simple and summery outfits. Then the song breaks out with Nayeon beginning the verse. The dance choreography at this section is just so smooth and the formation is just so beautiful to watch. As the song progresses, we begin to see the connection between the concept and the Adam & Eve concept.

The drop and deep “More” section definitely caught us off guard in a good way. It just has that dubstep-like drop that makes it enjoyable to listen to. Once more, the choreography looks so fun to do and they just do it seamlessly. The overall scene design is utterly beautiful and leaves us all blown away. Furthermore, the rap verses enhance the beauty of this song, hyping up the melody and overall sound. Additionally, the dance break is another element that really captured our attention. It was beautiful and intense to watch! Overall, they definitely put their all into this MV.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MV above. Did you love it? Let us know in the comments below!

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