TWICE sings about ‘The Best Thing I Ever Did’ during Christmas

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TWICE makes their wintry return with ‘The Best Thing I Ever Did‘. So, check out the MV for it below!

2018 is yet another great year for TWICE. They have worked themselves through the different comebacks in not only Korea but also in Japan. They didn’t even stop there; they went on many variety shows to promote their music and really enjoy themselves. Now, to end the year on a special note, they have released a special track called ‘The Best Thing I Ever Did‘. What makes it special is the fact that they showcase many short clips of their different comebacks, remembering back to those times that are memorable and beautiful.

The track itself backs up these mushy feelings with its own comfortable sound. It has this elegant vibe to it that brings out the best in their voice. One can’t help but feel fulfilled with this comeback. They have presented the right enough amount of bells to bring in the wintry feel but it is soothing enough to be a R&B song as well. It is the perfect mix for TWICE.

So, be sure to have a listen to the track above. Did you like this new direction? Let us know in the comments below!

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