TWICE continues to blow fans’ mind with ‘Feel Special ‘teasers

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TWICE has dropped more beautiful concept teasers. So, check it out below!

They have revealed Momo’s teaser. In her teaser, we see her standing in the room while looking young and rich. She is just so beautiful in this short clip!

Sana is up next with her edgy look. She definitely has gone for a concept that is different to her charms, making her more loveable than ever!

Jihyo looks stunning as usual. The way she looks up and get mesmerized by the scene in front of her makes her look utterly beautiful. This is a concept that is bringing out more visuals from TWICE.

As previously confirmed, Mina will be joining in this comeback. It is great to see her back and this video definitely shows us why we have all missed her!

Dahyun is next with her video teaser. She looks stunning while walking in the rain. She is not here to play and is showing off her beauty!

Chaeyoung is killing it in this video. She definitely knows how to look so beautiful in white while giving us a stunned look.







As well as their video teasers been dropped, they have also revealed some of the member’s individual image teasers. In each of their image teaser, the members look stunning in white. The shimmer curtain in the background makes it look elegant and pure. It also makes each of the members look like angels!

Meanwhile, more teasers will be coming your way! The group is set to make their hot return on September 23rd. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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