Triple7 goes casual and elegant in ‘PRESENTE’ concept teasers

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Triple7 has begun dropping their concept teasers for ‘PRESENTE‘. Check it out below!









They have dropped each member’s concept image teaser. Many of the members are seen dressed up in simple yet stylish outfits that fit them so nice. In particular, B.I.G goes for this charismatic look while nailing that leather vibe. They surely know how to capture our attention with their overall concept. For 3YE, they have gone for a more elegant vibe as they embrace the summer season. It is quite a look on the group as they bring give us very attractive stares.

In B.I.G‘s trailer, we hear this intense beat that goes quite well with the vibe of the video. Each member gets their time to shine as they all bring their charismatic side to the camera. The lighting used also help enhance this look they are going for.

In 3YE‘s trailer, we hear the same section of the song. This concept trailer also allows 3YE to bring forth their intense stares. They surely know how to bring that charisma to their trailer.

Meanwhile, they will drop ‘PRESENTE‘ on August 10th. What do you think of their concept so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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