TRI.BE gets you excited with their ‘VENI VIDI VICI’ comeback schedule

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TRI.BE is finally making their hot return. They have dropped their comeback schedule for ‘VENI VIDI VICI‘. Check it out below!

From the comeback schedule, they will release the album preview and Universe teasers from September 28th to 30th. The lyric, tracklist and Cosmos teasers are set from October 1st to 3rd. The concept preview and audio preview will be revealed on October 5th and 6th. The unique teasers will be dropped from October 7th to 10th. Finally, the MV will be released on October 11th.

For their Universe teasers, we have the members wearing colourful outfits that blend in well with the light purple background. It is definitely a look that captures our attention from the getgo. The lighting that has been added to the image helps enhance this galaxy feeling that they are going for. They are also seen giving charismatic stares that flutter our hearts.

They have also revealed the tracklist. There is a total of five tracks including ‘LOBO‘, ‘-18‘, ‘Got Your Back‘ and ‘True‘.

For their Cosmos teaser, we get this diamond background that is fitting with their white outfits. They definitely know how to own the look while looking very alluring. This kind of concept goes well with each member as they give us such beautiful stares. They also know the right look to give to the camera that is fitting to the mood of this concept. The other part of this concept brings forth that beautiful pink lighting that is enhanced by the light that the members are holding. We can’t wait to see how the concepts will tie together.

The group have also revealed the concept preview. It starts off with this eerie sound before an English narration comes into play. It is interesting how the narration is made to fit well with the video, as well as the added sound effects to enhance the beauty of the narration. As she narrates, we get a sense of what kind of concept they are going for. It definitely has this eerie vibe that goes nicely with the futuristic galaxy feeling.

They have revealed the audio teaser. It allows us to get a feel for the kind of song they will be releasing. It is quite upbeat and surely puts us all in a good mood. Every song on this album definitely has its catchy melodies, leaving us excited for the full release.

We get the mystery teaser 1. This features member Songsun singing every so softly and beautifully along with the melody. She has such an amazing voice that goes so nicely with this kind of melody. The video also does an amazing job in highlighting her beauty.

Meanwhile, the group is set to make their hot return on October 12th. What do you think of the concept so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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