TRENDZ will be waking up to a ‘NEW DAYZ’ in comeback

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TRENDZ will be making their first comeback for 2023 with the upcoming release of their second single album ‘BLUE SET CHAPTER.NEW DAYZ’ and the title track ‘NEW DAYZ’.

This release marks the last chapter of the [BLUE SET] series that the group has been promoting since their debut in January 2022.

This latest album will feature three tracks, including: Nightmare, NEW DAYZ and Fantasy. NEW DAYZ (the title track) is described as a punk pop song with rhythmical guitar sounds that tells the story of the boy waking up in the dark and escaping from the fake neverland alone.


TRENDZ is a K-pop boy band with seven members: HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL, and YECHAN. With only a year in the industry, they have been actively releasing music every other month, catching the public’s attention with their powerful performances.  

TRENDZ’s unique sound and captivating style continue to make waves in the K-pop scene. They are definitely a name to remember in the industry.

TRENDZ‘s 2nd single album ‘BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ‘ and the title track ‘NEW DAYZ‘ are scheduled for release on March 15 at 6pm KST.

Are you looking forward to hearing new material from TRENDZ? What do you think of the teaser clip for ‘NEW DAYZ‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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