TNX goes for a cool style in latest ‘Way Up’ teasers

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TNX has dropped more teasers ahead of their upcoming debut with ‘Way Up‘. So, check it out below!






They have revealed the rest of their concept teasers. Just like previously, each member gets a total of two concept themes. The first concept teaser allows the members to go for a more laid-back, casual look while enjoying themselves outdoors. This look suits the members well as this vibe brings out the best in their poses and nature concept. The other concept steps it up by having the members wear leather. By doing so, the members bring out their more cool and charismatic side. Especially since the images are taken during the night, it helps enhance this vibe that they are going for.

In their first MV teaser, it features them stuck in, what appears to be, a dystopia world where they are trying to break free from the chaos that surrounds them. The music is quite eerie and intense, which help enhance the vibe of the video. We don’t actually get to hear the track, leaving us more curious than ever!

They have also revealed the highlight medley, which gives you a chance to listen to the tracks in this album. ‘We On‘ has that intense melody that leaves you bopping along to the beat. It showcases their more hardcore tracks. ‘180 Seconds‘ has a more uplifting sound that we can’t help but smile at before we get this unexpected drop that leaves us more intrigued. ‘Move‘ begins off with a soothing melody that allows us to appreciate their vocals more before we get a fun beat drop. Their next track has this uplifting and fun melody that we could all can move along to. It is quite a powerful beat that seems to be a common theme in their tracks. Their final tracks is their only soothing melody that allows us to focus more on the vibe of the song and the lyrics. It has such a sweet melody that leaves us swooning.

Meanwhile, they are set to make their hot debut on May 17th. Which track has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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