The Rose want to be ‘RED’ with their comeback MV

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The Rose have made their comeback with the release of their third single ‘RED‘.

‘RED‘ is the groups first comeback as a full band in 10months, since the release of ‘Dawn‘. The song contains a message about wanting to break free from the things that are holding you back. The colour red traditionally represents passion and love, and with this song The Rose have given it an additional meaning – freedom.

The song has a different feel and energy to their previous releases. This song is less melancholic and more upbeat and synth-driven. As fans of The Rose know, the group members themselves love both Coldplay and The Script. This song has an undertone of both groups throughout.

The synths, the instrumental and the warmth of the song all play right into the beautiful raspy, wispy tones of Woosung‘s vocals. It’s clearly a song that the band have had fun with – and one we can’t wait to hear when they hit the road for their upcoming tour.

The Rose ‘RED’

What do you think of The Rose MV ‘RED‘? Do you like the new sound they have adopted with this release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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