THE BOYZ leaves you ‘Breathless’ with ‘The Only’ ASMR moving poster teasers

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THE BOYZ continue to reveal teasers for their upcoming return with ‘The Only‘. They have revealed three ASMR moving posters, which is quite unique! There is little to none ASMR-like teasers. This is why it makes it quite interesting and fascinating to watch. So, check it out below!

ASMR Teaser 1

ASMR Teaser 2

ASMR Teaser 3

Since their previous teasers was under the name ‘In The Air‘, all these ASMR videos has some relation to air. The videos are called “Breathe Out“, “Breathless” and “Breathe In“. The “Breathe Out” video showcases each member in black and white with little to no sound. Each of them are seen staring to the side with smoke filling the air. It shows off their beauty, as well as their concept.

The “Breathless” teaser features another one of their concepts. Each of them seen emerged in water with sounds of water dripping in the background. Something about it is quite soothing to listen to. Furthermore, one can’t help but admire their beauty in the process. The final ASMR teaser has the members behind some paper. This too is one of their concepts. Either way, they look so perfect in each one of their concepts. One can’t help but be mesmerised by their beauty.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ is set to make their comeback on November 29th. Are you enjoying the teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

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