Teen Top are full speed ahead with their ‘Lyrics’ teasers!

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Teen Top are set to slay with their new concept teasers for their upcoming “Lyrics” release & MV. On their official Twitter & Instagram accounts, the group they have been releasing new teaser images and we are so ok with them doing that!

The images were captioned with the following:


Let’s take a peek at the amazing photos ahead of the release shall we?

We are thrilled this video is coming up fast because it is looking incredible! On the Teen top twitter they also have pinned the release details but we don’t want to spoil it all for you but the 04.06.2019 is a BIG hint for you.

Keep an eye on their twitter for more release details and stay tuned to All Access Asia for teasers & more!

Want to be in the know? Keep watching this space at All Access Asia!

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