Taeyeon feels the ‘Spark’ in the air in latest MV teaser

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Taeyeon continues to tease for her upcoming return with ‘Purpose‘. Check out the latest teasers below!

In her latest concept teasers, she embraces the deep red lighting to help enhance this fierce look she is going for. In this lovely attire, she looks incredibly beautiful while showcasing a stare that pierces right into our hearts.

Her other concept teasers feature her posing outside in a lovely flower field. She is wearing this dark brown dress that goes well with her surrounding. She definitely stands out from the rest. The poses she gives us goes so well with this powerful look she is going for. You can’t help but be captured by her.

Her new highlight clip is for ‘Find Me‘. This track is intense and full of power due to the drums that accompany the song. Her voice is just so soothing as it travels so delicately across the melody.

Here I Am‘ also had its own highlight clip. From it, we get a soothing track from her that allows us to hear how strong her vocals are. This kind of song just enhances what we know about her voice. She has a strong voice and she isn’t afraid to show it off. It is incredibly beautiful to just listen to her sing.

In the second MV teaser for ‘Spark‘, she showcases other outfits she has worn. She has such a strong voice and it goes well with the vibe of the song. The track is powerful and it goes well with her choreography and overall concept.

It surely leaves us all more excited than ever. Meanwhile, she is set to make her hot return on October 28th. Is there a song that has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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