Taemin is emotional in ‘2 Kids’ MV

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Taemin has released the MV for ‘2 Kids‘, the prologue single from his upcoming release ‘Never Gonna Dance Again‘.

The song ‘2 Kids‘ is an electronic pop track that combines a simple beat with a rhythmic guitar, electronic sounds and percussion. All that and then Taemin‘s vocal – sentimental, evocative and painful floating over the top.

Taemin participated in writing the lyrics, which express a memory of young love and the heartbreak of letting go.

 Through the clip and the song , Taemin sentimentally looks back on the past memories of love while feeling the pain and regret of losing their relationship because they were both young and foolish.

The choreography that is on display in the clip is a master class in emotion through dance. It is perfectly evocative of the theme of the track. No-one except Taemin could have poured his soul into the story and produced a clip of that calibre.

Taemin ‘2 KIDS’ MV

Upon it’s release ‘2 Kids‘ topped iTunes charts around the world and reached Number 1 on domestic charts in South Korea.

What do you think of ‘2 Kids’ from Taemin? Do you like this more emotional, laid-back sound? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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