SuperM are going for it in ‘100’

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SuperM have left us astounded and picking ourselves up from the floor with the release of ‘100‘ late last week.

The track is the first single from ‘Super One‘. The second single ‘Tiger Inside‘ will be released on September 1, followed by the album ‘Super One’ on September 25.

100‘ is anthemic in nature and heralds the return of SuperM in the loudest, brashest way possible. The song has big, loud techno-style beats and a thumping bass line that winds its way around and through the song.

It’s all the things that we love about K-pop, but it’s so much more. The booming aggressive raps that lead into the stunningly beautiful vocals are combined in a way that we haven’t heard in a long time. Can we give a shout-out to the power note from Baekhyun – we’ve missed those and we’re so glad to see them back.

The accompanying MV is as powerful as the song itself. It’s high octane and high impact. The choreography and precision on display is completely next level – and given who the members of SuperM are – it’s nothing less than we would expect.

SuperM ‘100’

The teaser clip for ‘100‘ gave us a taste for what we were in for with the full MV. It left us wanting more.

SuperM ‘100’ MV Teaser

In the latest individual teasers that were released for Baekhyun, Lucas and Mark, we get the same stylish and handsome looks that we’ve seen from the previous members.

SuperM Baekhyun, Lucas and Mark teasers

SuperM will release the next single from ‘Super One‘, ‘Tiger Inside‘ ‘Tiger Inside‘ on September 1, followed by the album ‘Super One’ on September 25.

What do you think of ‘100‘ from SuperM? Do you have a favourite teaser? Which one is it? Are you looking forward to hearing ‘Tiger Inside’? et us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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