Sungwoon gives you a taste of his debut album with the highlight medley

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Ha Sungwoon has revealed the highlight medley. So, check it out below!

T his album has a total of five tracks including ‘Don’t Forget‘, ‘Bird‘, ‘Horse‘, ‘Suddenly‘ and ‘Lonely Night‘. ‘Don’t Forget‘ is quite a soothing track that really highlights the best of his voice. His voice just mixes so nicely with the melody and the beats. ‘Bird‘ is unexpected to what we have heard in the MV teaser. Due to that, fans are loving the happy mood that the song is giving.

Horse‘ also has this happy vibe to go with it. You can’t help but ride along with the melody. ‘Suddenly‘ is the song that he sang for his university exam. With that in mind, you can’t help but get the chills while listening to him sing. The amount of emotions he has placed into singing can be felt. Finally, ‘Lonely Night‘ is the best song to end it. It is much slower than the other tracks yet helps highlight the beauty of his voice. Throughout all these tracks, we get to see all kind of genres that go well with his voice.

Meanwhile, Sungwoon will make his solo debut on February 28th. Which track has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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