Sunggyu reveals the tracklist for ‘Inside Me’

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Sunggyu continues to tease for his upcoming return with ‘Inside Me‘. Check it out below!

For his concept trailer, we hear this soothing melody that goes well with his first concept teaser. He looks sophisticated in the suit while enjoying his time in the private room. One can’t help but be captured by his charm as we get these slow shots of him staring into the camera, as well as the far distance stare.

For his second concept teaser, he is enjoying his time in the expensive room with a royal robe. He looks quite majestic in black and gold. The other image has him enjoying himself in the white tub. Both images allow him to allude his charms.

Fitting to the second concept teaser, we get his second concept trailer. In this trailer, we see him enjoying a majestic meal while flashing his smirk. He definitely looks quite expensive sitting in that room. He also knows how to look beautiful with all the tattoos shown in different parts of his body. It enhances the overall concept.

He has also revealed the tracklist. There is a total of six tracks including ‘Inside Me‘, ‘I’m Cold‘, ‘Fade‘, ‘Room‘, ‘Divin’‘ and ‘Climax‘.

With the release of the album preview, it gives us the chance to listen to how each song sounds like. ‘I’m Cold‘ is so soothing with the lovely strumming of the acoustic guitar. His live vocals just travel so nicely with the melody as he pours his emotions into the song. ‘Fade‘ is quite an alluring song that draws you deep into the sound of the song. It has quite a catchy melody that has you swaying from one side to another. ‘Room‘ is a ballad track with a lovely piano melody. His voice definitely shines on this track as we enjoy the way it sounds. ‘Divin’‘ has that R&B vibe that has you grooving to the beat. His voice just travels so well with this beat as we all love how well his voice fits that song. ‘Climax‘ is that uplifting song that has you smiling throughout the track.

He will make his hot return on December 14th. Which track do you like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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