Sulli meets the ‘Goblin’ in MV teasers

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Sulli has begun teasing for her upcoming solo debut with ‘Goblin‘. So, check out her latest teasers below!

She has revealed all kinds of image teasers. She begins with an image of her in a yellow outfit. She is seen staring blankly while posing in quite an antique house. Something about her facial expressions makes the image feel quite mysterious. Her second image teaser is quite unique in that her eyebrows are in blue. She has this hippy look to her image with quite a stunning smile. She looks ready for a tea party!

Whereas for her latest image teaser, it takes a turn in concept. In particular, it has more of a darker vibe to it, especially with the way she is dressed and the lighting in the room. It has this devilish look that works well with her.

In her first MV teaser, we hear these chimes that gives it that creepy vibe. We see her and others wandering upstairs before it shows her talking in a room. It ends with her whispering “Goblin“.

Her second MV teaser has more of a brighter tone to the song. In particular, she is seen lazing around either by the chairs or the pool before it shows her back in the room. This time, she has a brighter tone to her voice, which is fitting to the current song.

Her third MV teaser continues on with the creepy vibe in which a lullaby and humming is heard. She is seen wearing the dark outfits before she talks in such a monotone voice. It definitely leaves one more curious than ever as to how all the teasers will come together.

Meanwhile, Sulli will make her hot debut on July 29th. What do you think of the vibe? Let us know in the comments below!

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