Stray Kids show you the ‘Back Door’ in comeback MV

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Stray Kids is back with another strong comeback. This time, it is with the track, ‘Back Door‘. They have also revealed the MV for their side track, ‘Ex‘. Check it out below!

Stray Kids definitely knows how to keep fans on their toes as they throw different types of sounds to us. They have returned with such a funky and groovy beat that captures your attention immediately. The intro section definitely looks fun before we are hit with their hard hitting melody and rap verses. Every sound they add to the song just brings out their charms. The video is also another highlight of this comeback. They keep bringing us these seamless transition that works so well with the flow of the song. Every section is perfect and one can’t help but be captured by their presences.

They have also released the MV for ‘Ex‘. This song allows us to focus more on their vocals as they showcase another side to their music. It is just so soothing to listen to as we are drawn to the melody of the song. One can’t help but get chills by how emotional this song is. This emotion is further enhanced by the meaning behind the MV. Overall, it is another beautiful song that shows Stray Kids‘ versatility.

So, be sure to check out the MVs above. Which song do you draw towards more? Let us know in the comments below!

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