Stray Kids present to you ‘The Final Piece 2019’ in exciting teaser

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Yes, that is right! Stray Kids has caught us off guard with this latest teaser. Check out ‘The Final Piece 2019‘ teaser below!

From what we have seen from them this year, this upcoming return is surely one to be excited about. Connecting back to their ‘Miroh‘ return and continuing on with their ‘Cle‘ series, we learn more about the concept they are trying to give us. However, even with this teaser, it raises more questions, leaving us super intrigued about what will be of 2019 for Stray Kids.

At the end of the video, there are five dates revealed. The first one is called ‘Double Knot‘, which is said to be a digital single. It will be released on October 9th. Many believe that this digital single will contain all the members rapping or singing on top of 3RACHA‘s beat for ‘Double Knot‘.

Next up is ‘Astronaut‘. Many also believe that this one is also a digital single, which will be released on November 9th. Following on is their world tour, ‘District 9: Unlock‘, which will be held on November 23rd and 24th. Finally, they will be releasing their album, ‘Cle: LEVANTER‘ on November 25th.

Are you ready for what Stray Kids have in store for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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