Stray Kids prepare for their 1st Japanese mini album with a schedule

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Stray Kids prepare for their upcoming return with their 1st Japanese mini album. Check out the teasers below!

They have released the schedule. They will release the main teaser on September 21st. The solo teasers will be revealed from September 22nd to 24th.

The main teaser features the members grabbing a whole lot of chocolate and placing it onto a casino table. The chocolate may represent the coins used in a casino. One can’t wait to see where this concept goes.

They have released all the member’s individual teasers. We see the members going for a charismatic look as they stare down the camera. They have this beautiful light blue lighting added to the image to help enhance this look they are going for. One can’t wait to see what kind of song they will release.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on September 25th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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